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Moving from Vevey to Chardonne

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

After little over a year (one year and a half, actually) we are moving again on May 1st. Why? To live the dream we came for!

Our new home is located in the small village of Chardonne, just ten minutes from Vevey. It is an apartment in the top floor (former attic) with an excellent view of Lac Leman. (That would be Lake Geneva for you non-locals!) It is freshly renovated and lo and behold – actually done in a tasteful way! Not too much of that pine-wood, chalet style so many Swiss seem to favor nor in a completely sterile, minimalistic and whitewashed approach other call elegant. It is done in a nice mix of modern and old and feels quite comfy. At least that was the impression we got after having seen it just once…

This is not to say we do not like our current apartment – we love it! Moving to Chardonne does, however, make it realistic to put our children in the local village school. This means we will be saving an extraordinary amount in tuition since Swiss public schools are free. Haut-Lac is an excellent school but competing with ‘free’ is tough…

Money apart there are other advantages with a village school: less expats means kids do not come and go as often and integration in Swiss society is more likely. Also the schools is located only a few and safe hundred meters from the apartment which means that we will be expecting Carl Hugo to start walking to school by himself in the future.

Chardonne is beautifully picturesque and thrives of the wine industry and the tourism associated with it. In fact we will be living in an old winery, which is still active as it it turns out. Being a village, everything is really close, including child care for Amanda. Public transport is reasonable, the move will only add 10-15 minutes to Christoffer’s commute in the morning.

All in all moving to Chardonne feels just right!