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Double birthday party

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Guess what? We just turned forty both of us! To celebrate this occasion we are throwing a party at Au Chalet in Mont-Pelèrin on June 4th. Please join us!

For those of you coming from afar, please check the list of hotels we have compiled for the occasion!

Birthday Party Invitation

Wedding Anniversary Ball Update

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Dear friends,

We hope you are all prepared to have a great time at our 10th Anniversary wedding day festivities Saturday May 22nd in Stockholm. We are really touched that so many of our family members and friends will take the time to come and celebrate with us.

In order to make the weekend even more enjoyable for us all and to introduce our international guests to Stockholm, we will arrange activities during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be an extra dinner Friday May 21st, a guided tour of Stockholm Old Town Saturday May 22nd, breakfast at First Hotel Reisen Sunday May 23rd and a visit to the Vasa museum later the same day. See detailed information below. Please spread the word, as we do not have mail addresses to all participants of the festivities! If you would like to participate in one or more of these activities, please let us know Tuesday May 18th the latest.


Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

For all you non-swedes it may be a good thing to know that formal Swedish dinners are almost always punctuated by speeches. Though we really would appreciate anyone standing up and holding an impromptu speech, according to tradition you really should register with the Toastmaster beforehand. The Toastmaster for the occasion is our old friend Martin Weiderstrand, who will introduce himself at the beginning of the festivities. Or just ask either of us.

Launch of the Soop Family Blog

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Today we are starting the Soop Family Blog. It will contain information about the The Soop Family’s activities in Switzerland and elsewhere. The Soop Family’s main event 2010 will no doubt be Christoffer and Helena’s 10 Year Wedding Anniversary – hosted at the House of Nobility in Stockholm, the same location where the wedding took place, it will be a splendid event with food, music and dance!

More information and an updated theme coming soon, stay tuned!