Wedding Anniversary Ball Update

Dear friends,

We hope you are all prepared to have a great time at our 10th Anniversary wedding day festivities Saturday May 22nd in Stockholm. We are really touched that so many of our family members and friends will take the time to come and celebrate with us.

In order to make the weekend even more enjoyable for us all and to introduce our international guests to Stockholm, we will arrange activities during Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be an extra dinner Friday May 21st, a guided tour of Stockholm Old Town Saturday May 22nd, breakfast at First Hotel Reisen Sunday May 23rd and a visit to the Vasa museum later the same day. See detailed information below. Please spread the word, as we do not have mail addresses to all participants of the festivities! If you would like to participate in one or more of these activities, please let us know Tuesday May 18th the latest.

Dinner Friday evening May 21st

The First Hotel Reisen is a stylish first class hotel situated on Skeppsbron 12 in Stockholm Old Town, close to the Royal Palace. The hotel has an excellent restaurant where you dine Swedish-French bistro food in an exclusive environment. We have made dinner reservations at 18.00 and are looking forward to a relaxed evening where children are also welcome.

Menu (not exchangeable) for the evening and prices:

Starter: Veal carpaccio with tomato, olives, olive oil and truffle gnocchi
Main course: Coalfish with beurre noisette, spinach and saffron risotto
Dessert: Bisquit chocolate, warm chocolate cake with chocolate creme and raspberries

2 courses: 445 kr
3 courses: 515 kr
Wine menu: 2 glasses 215 kr – 3 glasses 265 kr
We hope to meet many of you there as a warming up to the grand ball on Saturday 22nd! Prior notification May 18th the latest.

Guided tour of Stockholm Old town Saturday May 22nd

Why not find out some more about the history of Stockholm while in town? Our professional guide Michael Kindahl will take you through the winding streets of Stockholm Old Town before noon on Saturday. After the guided tour you will still have plenty of time to have lunch and change for the ball. The tour is free of cost and starts at 11.00 at the Obelisk at Slottsbacken adjacent to the southern entrances of the Royal Palace in Stockholm Old Town. Prior notification May 18th the latest.

Breakfast at the First Hotel Reisen Sunday morning May 23rd

We have made reservations for breakfast at the First Hotel Reisen, address Skeppsbron 12, the morning after the ball. Enjoy a mouth watering breakfast buffé together with us and take the opportunity to meet and talk about the past evening, before we all travel to our different destinations. Breakfast starts at 09.00 and the price is 180 SEK. Prior notification May 18th the latest.

Visit to the Vasa museum Sunday afternoon May 23rd

Nowhere in the world is there a ship like Vasa. Every year, more than a million people come to see the shipwreck which has become such a sensation. Vasa heeled over and sunk in the middle of the Stockholm harbour after sailing barely 1300 meters on her maiden journey 1628 and was found 1956. The ship is now restored to its past splendour and put in an impressing museum, built for the purpose. Of the wood more than 95% is the ships original timber. Do not miss this magnificent museum – a must when in Stockholm! The museum is located at Djurgården. To find out how to get there – see Public guided tours in English and Swedish starts at 13.30. Entrance fee 110 SEK, guided tour included. No prior notification needed. Participants make the visit on their own.

General information about the festivities Saturday evening May 22nd

There will be a group of cheerful people meeting for drinks before the ball. Feel free to join them at 16.30 at the bar of Grand Hotel, address Södra Blaisieholmhamnen 8.

The festivities at the House of Nobility starts at 18.00 with mingle and champagne. When you arrive, please stop for a minute and have your photo taken together with us. Responsible for taking pictures during the evening is professional photografer Brigitte Grenfeldt.

We will be seated for a three course dinner around 18.45 in the lovely grand Land-marshals´ room. If you would like to hold a speech, please notify our toastmaster Martin Weiderstrand in the beginning of the dinner.

After dinner there will be live music in the staircase hall performed by the jazz band The Benny Nelson Quintet. At 23.30 the band is followed by disco and our DJ will play the best music from the 80´s, 90´s and today. The disco continues until 02.00, when the House of Nobility closes.

Close to the dance floor you will find a bar where all kinds of beverages are available for purchase throughout the evening. Please note that you can only use Swedish cash at the bar.

We wish you all a lovely weekend in Stockholm!

Christoffer & Helena Soop


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